Placement Policy


Job Placement Services is an element under the Talentbank Employability Programme.


Job Placement Services help individuals locate and obtain jobs. It connects individuals who are ready, willing, and able to work with employers needing to fill jobs.


Job Placement Services are designed to support individuals to enter and re-enter the workforce as quickly as possible and to develop the job search skills needed for effective labor market transitions now and in the future.


The objectives of Job Placement Services are:


  • To connect eligible individuals seeking work with prospective employers able to provide them with employment as quickly as possible.
  • To enable employers to fill job openings and skill shortages.


Job Placement Services are designed to assist individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for employment, but require:

  • assistance to develop or refine job search skills,
  • assistance making connections to employers, and
  • job maintenance support in order to maintain employment.


Individual eligibility for Job Placement Services:

  • Unemployed or marginally employed
  • A Malaysian


Individuals who are not eligible for Job Placement Services will be expected to provide their own financial support while participating in Job Placement Services.


Talentbank is NOT OBLIGUE to perform a Job Placement Services, should if the candidates do not fulfill the basic requirements of Talentbank Employability Programme.